First fuck at the new home

Bob gets laid

We had just moved across town to a fairly new and nice subdivision.
Soon we were invited to a meet and greet at the home of one of the neighbors. Basically, a human form of what dogs call butt sniffing.

Neighbors complimented us on our lovely house and what not. Cindy let it be known that the privacy of the swimming pool, backing up to a “nature preserve” clinched it for her, saying that anyone who wanted to “peek in” would have to subject themselves to standing in a mosquito infested swamp. I think she had just told everyone that we ran around nude in the pool area. No big deal, who doesn’t. She then said that our friends loved that about the place too. She had just told everyone that our friends ran around our pool nude too. Ok, whatever.

At least she didn’t say anything about turning our social nudie splashes into fuck and suckfests. Not yet anyway.

Then there was some guy named Bob. At any party there is always one. Nice looking, well dressed. Bob made it a point to introduce everyone to Cindy and he introduced her to Ron and Kat. They lived around the corner in the big grey house.

“Oh yes ” Cindy said to them, ” I’ve walked by your place a few times” What Cindy didn’t say is that she had noticed the little “V” sticker on the bumper of their car. She wanted to be alone with Ron or Kat before she brought it up and Bob wasn’t allowing that quite yet.

As Bob guided Cindy on to meeting another couple, she made some comment about Ron and Kat being a lovely couple. Bob, said: “Yes they are” and quickly added for no apparent reason: “I think they are swingers”

All Cindy could say was: “Really,” making sure it wasn’t an exclamation or question, an expression of shock or even of joy.

Kinda like: “You don’t say!”. But she was looking back at Ron and thinking: “I’d fuck him… and I know my darling hubby would fuck her”.

Bob could not pass up the opportunity to look down Cindy’s deep V blouse when cindy moved, twisted and bent. She enjoyed the tease. When she stood straight and faced front, as she did chatting with most neighbors, the blouse was actually fairly conservative. When she met a neighbor with a certain sparkle in the eyes, she might twist and bend a bit. It was a turn on to watch her work her tit flashing magic, and not just for me. I could see that more than one person in the crowd decided that we were people they needed to befriend. They had no way of knowing that, “friendship” had even more benefits than watching Cindy splash in the pool nude and getting to peek at her tits and pussy.

They had no way of knowing that we were members of a local nude resort and they didn’t need to be “friends” to watch her nude all day long, even sit by the pool and stare at her tits and pussy as she sunned herself. Hell, I remember one time, this guy sat there, struggling to keep himself from getting an erection while sunning himself and stareing at Cindy sunning herself. She had stared at him too and his struggle caught her eye. She liked his physique, cute face and the size of his cock, even at half mast. She had finally walked over to him, standing next to him as he lay there, her pussy close to his face and asked him:

“Do you want to fuck me?”

A half hour later, she came back to her pool chair and lay back down next to me. I noticed that her pussy area was a bit redder than when she had left and she needed to reapply some of that sunscreen lipstick. We never said a word. Now, it was my turn to struggle with avoiding an erection, while I enjoyed the visuals flying through my mind. I wanted to go off and fuck her too, but there was a party that night, and I wanted to save myself for some new talent.

Bob got a lot of bends and twists from Cindy, and probably saw at least part of a nipple. It was driving him nuts and she knew that. He would also put his hand on the small of her back each time he guided her to a new introduction and each time the hand went further down towards her ass or swept around to touch part of one of her tits. She had worn a skirt that was a little shorter than many of the women there and panties that left no lines. Bob was definitely trying to get a peek. If he hadn’t been cute, she would have slapped him by now. Instead, each time he went a little further, encouraged by her smile, a little eye contact, and the fact that she never pulled away. He even found a way to “bump” into her, so that she might “feel” his package. She wondered how far he would take this in a party of 30-50 or so neighbors including his wife who seemed heavily engaged in a conversation with the club tennis pro. At one point a finger or two or the back of Bob’s hand did rub across one of Cindy’s already protruding nipples. Cindy did not need much to get her going.

By the time I rejoined Cindy, and pulled her away from Bob, she filled me in about Ron and Kat, but didn’t mention the part about Bob’s fingers across her nipple and the electrical charge that had made it all the way to her pussy. She would probably wait for later to tell me that, after she had fucked him.

An “Oh by the way, his hands brushed across my clothed but erect nipples” admission has less of an impact after you confess that you have put his cock in your mouth.

We made it a point to talk to Ron and Kat privately. It didn’t take more than a few awkward phrases before Cindy said:
“By the way, I didn’t want to say anything in front of Bob, but I did notice your little “V” sticker on your bumper. We have one too.”

That “V” stood for “Vixen’s”, a downtown, very private, on site, upscale, swingers club.

We all laughed a bit nervously, then agreed to get together and have a drink soon.

Cindy and Kat went off by themselves for a few minutes while Ron and I tried to talk about football, while thinking about stuffing our cocks into each other’s wives. I could visualize my cum expoding out of my body, up my erect shaft and onto and past her lips and tongue. Her deep brown eyes were riveting. I really wanted to say:

“Hey Ron, I dont give a fuck about football, I just want to fuck your wife, Ok? Truth be known Ron, I want your wife to suck on my cock. I want my cum to drip from every hole she has.”

If Ron and I had had a burst of reality at that point, I would have said that and he would have responded by saying: “Can I watch?”

Cindy told Kat right away about Bob’s swinger comment.

Kat said that Bob wanted to play so bad.. but that his wife did not, although it was well known she was doing the tennis pro.

Ron and Kat had a little talk among themselves as we refreshed our drinks and soon Kat went to Cindy and asked what we were doing later that evening. A few other “friends” were coming over and would we like to join them?

Cindy didn’t even bother to check with me, she said: “Yes, sure, what time?” then asked:

“So what do you do about Bob?” Cindy asked.

Kat said: “Bob’s a good fuck, fun, discrete, nice big cock, you do what you want.”

“So why does Bob care about swinging? He seems to get his fair share of pussy around here and he is working on adding mine to the list fairly soon..” Cindy asked.

“You gonna let him do you?” Kat asked

“Why not?, sounds like fun.”

Then Kat added: “Bob wants to watch his wife get it on. Men like to watch. shemale porn Ron likes to watch me fuck someone, he especially loves to watch someone cum in my mouth. Doesn’t Kip like to watch you?”

“Yup, sometimes.”

“Ok then, tonight, first fuck is the four of us.”

Cindy found me, told me about the evening’s plans. Cindy asked me if we might have already “done” Ron and Kat at “V”. I told her I didn’t think so because I would have remembered those slightly puffy lips of Kat’s, though it was possible she might have already done Ron.

“Why do you say that?” she asked with a naughty smile.

“Because” I said, “in those dimly lit play rooms, you can barely see who you are fucking or who you are being fucked by and when you are slurping on some guy’s cock who is laying on his back, your ass and pussy up in the air, some guy will stick his cock in, pound away, fill your cunt with cum and be gone before you have a chance to turn around and say: Oh hi, I’m Cindy, what’s your name?”

I continued: “I have seen you make small talk with some guy, totally oblivious to the fact that he had just fucked you, and that his cum was at that moment oozing from your cunt down the crack of your ass, and/or down your leg.”

“How did you know?” Cindy asked.

“I had watched his cock pounding into you. I had watched him take his final thrusts as he was no doubt unloading a large wad of cum into you. I had seen him pull out of you and slowly stroke the last few spurts onto your ass.”

“Oh.” she said, adding: “Did he know he had just fucked me?

“Oh yeah.”

“And how do you know that?” she asked.

“He had been eyeing you for some time just waiting for your pussy to be available.”

“Any other questions?”

“Nope. Just makes me horny visualizing it.”

“Me too,” I said, adding: “But I am saving myself for tonight.”

“I don’t have to.” She said smiling. “Give me a half hour.” she added.

“I assume you need to go home and get ready for the party?” I added, knowing full well she had something else to do.

“Yeah that too.” she said, winked and took off.

I didn’t have to ask about whether her next half hour involved fucking Bob or sucking his cock as well.

I saw her talking to Bob for a few secs just before she left the party. Then I saw Bob leave rather soon after.

I continued on the chit chat circuit with my new neighbors and occasionally someone would ask…”So where’s your lovely wife?” I would mumble something nice and polite but I really did want to say:

“Oh, she ran home to fuck Bob.”

I did make it a point to chat up Bob’s wife, breaking into a conversation with the tennis pro, who took the cue to go off and socialize with another woman who seemed to need tennis lessons.

After exchanging names and a few pleasantries, I had so wanted to tell her that her husband was at that moment sticking his cock into my wife’s mouth, and that I would really like a reciprocal favor. I looked at all aspects of her. She had nice tits, a nice ass but I spent most of my time looking at her eyes. She seemed to appreciate that. She was cute and more than a few years younger than Bob.

She did ask me where my wife was as she said she doubted she had actually met her. Strange, Bob introduces Cindy to everyone at the party except his own wife? He is an odd bird.

What a wonderful lead in to say: “She is back at our house fucking your husband.” but I didn’t …not directly.

I did say: “Gee I’m not sure, your husband was introducing her to many of the new neighbors, hmmm.” Then pretending to look around, I added: “Haven’t seen them in a while, when we were talking to Ron and Kat. They are such a nice couple.”

Then I added: ” I think Cindy and I are going to their place later this evening.”

Surely she knew they were players.

She smiled.

She did.

Meanwhile Cindy had gotten home, stripped and gotten into the pool shower, an open for all to see shower without curtains or walls. She was soaping her body making it slippery and glisten.

She heard Bob walk into the front door, stop a sec and call her name. She later told me, he had no idea what was in store for him.

“Bullshit!” I thought. I had a pretty good idea what was in store for him. I’m sure he did too.

She called him back to the pool area.

He could hear the shower running, so he walked slowly and deliberately making sure he was really supposed to be doing this.

As he walked around a corner towards the sounds of the rushing water, there she was facing him, smiling, naked, wet, foamy soap resembling cum, dripping from her tits and pussy. In fact, she was rubbing the soap onto her tits and between the lips of her pussy.

“Hi”, she said, ever so casually. “I’ve poured us a wine, hand me mine and have a seat.Bob shyly averted his eyes and gave her her drink and sat down pretending to look off in the distance.

“Aw c’mon, all afternoon, you are trying to get a peek at my tits, and look up my skirt to see if I’m wearing panties, and now that they are here in front of you, you play shy?”

Bob relaxed and started staring at her tits and her pussy, and started imagining his cum dripping from them instead of the soap.

“What got you going ?” Bob asked

“Oh maybe your hand rubbing over my nipple, dont tell me that was an accident, or maybe it was Kat recommending your cock, either way… get undressed.”

Bob said: “You were teasing me so much with fairly good views of your tits, and it was so obvious that your nipples were getting hard.”

“What about your husband?” check here Bob added.

“He’s ok with things, besides in a few hours he will be fucking Kat and probably a couple of others”

“Thanks to me telling you they were swingers?” Bob asked.

“No, I was already aware” Cindy replied.

“We are going over there this evening,” Cindy added, knowing he wasn’t and baiting him with a little tease.

“I think you wife’s tennis pro/side fuck is going to be there too.”

She didn’t actually know that, she just wanted to bait him.

As Bob undressed, Cindy dried off kneeled down and helped him pull off his briefs and his semi erect cock flopped out.

Kat had been right, about the cock size anyway.

Cindy started sucking on his enlarging cock, stroking it with her hands, flicked her tongue on the tip and underside and wrapping her lips tightly around it, moving up and down. She got him to lay down on one of the plush cushoned chaise lounges.

After he was hard, she stroked him while explaining that he would get a full blowjob at some point in the future, explaining that she would swallow his cum. It gave him something to fantasize about while he was fucking her.

But, right now, she told him: “You and that wonderful cock of yours are just going to fuck me.”

Then she straddled him inching on her knees towards his cock, gently sliding it deeo into her well lubricated pussy and started her rhythmic back and forth action, occasionally pulling back a bit, so he could see his pussy juice soaked cock sliding between her lips and deep into her.

She controlled the rhythm, slow enough for her, almost quick enough for him. Still, it did not take long for Bob to tense up, arch his back, grab her thighs and unload himself into her. He didn’t stop thrusting into her right away, he wanted to make sure tht every drop of cum made it’s way out and into her.

She smiled, and said: “Next time you owe me.” She had come just short of cuming herself, but she knew what the evening was going to bring, so she didn’t feel too bad about it.

She licked quite a bit of his cum and pussy wetness soaked cock, as it slowly started to soften, then got up, and with her pussy still dripping with his cum, went back to the shower and quickly sprayed the hand held nozzle up her cunt, and invited Bob over for a quick wash of his cock. She even squatted down for a quick kiss of his dick and a quick lick of those remaining drops of cum still slowly making their way out of him.

“There,” she said: “Isn’t that better than just copping a cheap feel and a quick peek?”

Bob smiled.

They dryed off without saying a word, got dressed, and gave each other a quick peck on the cheek as any good neighbor might, and Bob left.

The chaise lounge was wiped off, the towels thrown in the hamper. Cindy could fuck efficiently.

A few minutes later, I came home.

“So,” I asked: “Bob a good fuck?”


“Gonna do him again?”

“Yup, probably. He owe’s me an O.”

“Can I watch?” I said laughing.

It was almost time to go over to Ron and Kat’s, and Cindy always needed quite some time to prepare her pussy, apply her deep cherry red lipstick and pull her hair back into a pony tail.

The pony tail thing was important to her because she didn’t like cum in her hair. Anywhere else, fine, in certain areas, more than welcome. And for me, I liked the pony tail because I could watch her mouth wrapping itself around a cock much more clearly. I could watch the magic in her lips and tongue. I could watch the eruptions of cum shooting into her mouth and the little that didn’t get swallowed, slowly ooze out of the corners of her mouth. you can try here Others, patiently waiting their turn would also watch intently, even in the low but warm glow of flickering candles. I even wondered if her pony tail thing was less about the dislike of cum in her hair or more about making her performance easier to view.